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Puppy prices and reservation terms



We have carefully selected our breeding dogs from all over Europe, from the Netherlands, Portugal and UK from the top lines. All our dogs have parents who are direct imports from South Africa. Through careful selection of breeding material, we aim to ensure that our lines maintain the breed’s the original strong, balanced, intelligent and fearless temperament, working qualities, and impressive temperament of the breed. appearance.

Our puppies and dogs live the everyday life of a family with children with us, getting used to the sounds, children, dogs and strangers. All puppies go to their new families chipped, registered, vaccinated, wormed, and checked by a vet at 8 weeks of age at the earliest.

We start training on housebreaking with the breeder so that the puppy’s future homes are the best possible starting point for learning housebreaking. We test the litters so that we can best select a puppy to meet the needs of each individual puppy. future homes.

The puppy comes with a full and lifelong breeder’s support.



Total puppy price is 2600€ and includes worming treatments and vaccinations until 8 weeks of age.

The price includes a booking fee of 20% of the total price (520€).

Puppy reservation is binding once the booking fee (520€) has been paid.The final payment for the puppy (2080€) will be paid when the puppy is selected, usually at 6-8 weeks of age.

The price of the puppy does not include shipping costs (see below) and expenses that might come after 8 weeks of age: 2nd Vaccinations, Rabies vaccination and Vet Health Examination 100€

Additional Worming Treatments 20€
Additional Kenneling from 8 weeks, 30€/week


To be paid when the pregnancy for the upcoming litter is confirmed. Booking is binding after the payment. The reservation fee is deducted from the total amount.
If we then cannot find a puppy in the litter that meets your criteria, or there is a major change in your life situation the booking fee can be transferred to the next litter or refunded on a case-by-case basis.



The final payment will be made when the puppies are 6-8 weeks old, when the puppy tests have been completed and the puppy has been selected for buyer. The reservation fee will be deducted from the total amount. The puppy will be handed over when the payment is paid in full.



Our own breeding dogs are screened and DNA tested.
However, each puppy comes with a guarantee until 18 months, regarding serious hereditary/genetic defects.
genetic diseases (heart, kidney, liver, etc.) if they occur before 18 months of age.

The detection of defects is carried out by the buyer on his own account at the veterinary surgeon of his choice and the final decision is made by the buyer. The final decision on the basis for compensation will be made by the breeder’s own veterinarian.
Please note that due to polygenic heritability, we cannot give a guarantee for tears or hips.
However, these are always considered on a case by case basis.
A puppy under guarantee will be replaced from the next litter.


Preparing puppy for export

There are some additional costs involved in preparing a puppy for export.

These costs vary quite a lot
depending on the country the puppy is going to but as a “general rule” puppy that will be exported in 15-16 weeks of age with all the documents and vaccinations required will cost total of approx. 3100€ + shipping

Some countries have more requirements than others.
Below are some examples of additional costs:

2nd Vaccinations and Vet Examination
Rabies Vaccination and Vet Health Examination 100€
Additional Worming treatment 20€
Additional Kenneling (8 weeks onwards) 30€/ week
EU- Passport 75€
Pre Flight Vet Health Examination (fit to fly) 50€

In some cases we need to carry out in addition to the above:

Export Certificate (Country Specific)
Blood Tests (Country Specific)
Titre Tests (Country Specific)
Additional country-specific import-related health checks or examinations, which are generally rare.

Puppies cannot be shipped until a minimum age of 12 weeks, if they require a Rabies vaccination its a
minimum of 13 weeks, in some cases it will be 16 weeks or over if there is a mandated time to wait post
Rabies vaccination for the destination country.

We do not handle shipping directly but we can help to recommend a professional shipping company that ships all our dogs so that you will get your puppy the most professional way respecting all local legal conditions.

Shipping price

EUROPE: Varies depending of the country but usually around 1600-2400€

USA: Varies but usually around 3000-4000€

UK: Varies, usually around 2000-3000€

Other Countries: Contact us so we can get a quote from the shipping company for you.

Pickup yourself: Often its cheaper and faster to pickup the puppy yourself. Flying with your puppy cost usually only additional 120€ + crate etc. You can pick from us (we live 1 hour away from main airport) or we can deliver straight to airport, everything is arrangeable.

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