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About Bosguard Boerboels

Bosguard Boerboels is located on the south coast of Finland right by the sea in a city called Porvoo.

Our goal is to breed high quality Boerboels for a family guard dogs.

It is important to us that our dogs are balanced and healthy. In addition, our dog breeding principles combine the preservation of the breeds original character with a strong and impressive appearance.

The boerboel has been bred for working purposes to safeguard farmers land and families, so it goes without saying that in the future, original working ability will continue to play a major role in the selection of our breeding dogs.

We could not be luckier to have such impressive bloodlines in our breeding work from the very beginning. All the great lines that have already become legends are the basis of our breeding work (Spitsvuur, Cabaret,
Groenberg, Keur, Afrika and so on).

All our dogs and puppies live with our family and have daily contact with our children and the ordinary
everyday life.

We ship worldwide in cooperation with a shipping company.

Meet our dogs

Elite Guard Lana (Yara)

Elite Guard Lana (Anderson Hulk x Afrika Rubina)

Appraisal Score NABBA 90,3%

Dob.18.02.2021 HD A / A ED 0 / 0

This young female is incredibly beautiful. In appearance she is one of the most beautiful boerboels I have ever seen.
She is the daughter of Anderson Hulk and Afrika Rubina and the granddaughter of MES Bite a Bullet and MES Rubenstein.

Other impressive names in the pedigree include Cabaret Son Of a Gun, Groenberg Rambo, Keur Alfa, and so on.

Her structure is solid, strong and muscular. Average height. Movement is extremely good.

Yara has a very family loving nature. She wants to be involved in everything we do and loves our children more than anything.

She has a strong protective instinct as well as a high prey drive.
However, she is loyal and submissive to her owners.

Elite Guard Odin

Elite Guard Odin (Klopdisselboom Karolis x Serra De Soajo Banda)

Appraisal Score NABBA 90,0%

dob.06.08.2021 HD A2 / B1 ED 1 / 0

This male is a very promising young gentleman.

His appearance is beautiful and impressive. Like Cabaret’s lines, this male will develop relatively slowly. Fortunately, we are aware of this and see the potential in his conformation. He will develop into an incredibly impressive male.

He is a son of Klopdisselboom Karolis and Serra De Soajo Banda. In addition, the pedigree includes Spitsvuur Kwota, Middelpos Alpha, Cabaret Pavarotti and so on.

Odin’s heart is pure gold and he will always have a special place in my heart. He loves our family and our children more than anything. I trust Odin in every situation. It is hard to find such unconditional love.

His temperament is particularly sharp and extremely protective. He has high pray drive.

Nevertheless, in every situation he behaves in a balanced way, like a gentlemen does.

Noxterra Bruce Banner (91,4%)

Noxterra Bruce Banner (Spitsvuur Denali Blue x MES Grace)

Appraisal Score NABBA 91,4%

Dob.15.10.2017 HD A2 / B2 ED 0 / 0 ♥: good

Words are not enough to describe this stunning male. If you are looking for size you can stop your search here.

He is one of the best dilute breeding males in the world. In addition to his massive and solid conformation, thick bones, this dog has an very impressive pedigree.

He is a son of Spitsvuur Denali Blue and MES Grace. A direct grandson of the legendary Spitsvuur Ramkat.

This boy is a sweetheart and enjoys being around people. He is protective and respectful of his family.

Frozen semen available for export.

Elite Guard Amora (Mörkö)

Elite Guard Amora ( Afrika Tarzan x Targus Tieta )
Appraisal Score NABBA 91,8%
Dob. 29.05.2021
This young female has size and massiveness.
The bones are thick and the overall appearance is super impressive.
Wide chest and good rear. In addition to her large size, she is balanced in every way and will continue to develop as she ages.
She is a daughter of Afrika Tarzan and Targus Tieta. Granddaughter of MES Webster and MES Rubenstein.
In addition to the above, the pedigree includes other impressive names such as Spitsvuur Tokara Drifter, Groenberg Rambo, Spitsvuur Ramkat, Cabaret Son Of A Gun.
She is confident and willing and able to work. Strong and spicy temperament.
This dog is definitely my top working dog in obedience.

She has a medium level of prey drive.

Groene hart Chrisje (Raju)

Groene Hart Chrisje ( Raju ) s.18.06.2022

Raju is a daghter of Middelpos Smash x Immermoed Fifty-Fifty.

This bag of gunpowder has lines from Avontuur, Nostras and SA in the background.

As the name suggests (Raju = Fierce), this girl has brought a lot of movement to the whole pack. She’s fearless and very interested in everything. She is open and confident to explore new things.

Raju, both by pedigree and temperament, is exactly the kind of addition we have been looking for in our future breeding plans.

MES Benoit

MES Benoit ( MES Arnold x MES Lalli )

Arvosteltu SABBS 86,9%

Synt..31.05.2018 HD B1 / B1 ED 0 / 0 ♥: hyvä


*This male is used in our program via Frozen Semen that we have stored.

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Phone/Whatsapp: + 358 45 137 6485
Address: Båtvikintie 189, 06200 Porvoo
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