Female or Male Boerboel

Female or male Boerboel?

What are the character differences between male and a female boeboel?
Which is better suited to your family?

This perennial and perplexing question usually arises when a new breed of dog is being introduced to the
family or when a dog is coming for family member. It is understandable that once you have become familiar
with the breed, the question of gender and its suitability for your needs will follow.

As far as the differences in temperament within a breed may be great, a good breeder will always try to
preserve the original characteristics of the breed, both in temperament and appearance. The importance and significance of a balanced temperament in the breeding of such a powerful dog as boerboel should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, there is a difference between breeders and the lines used as far as
individuals are concerned. For example, how strong their guarding instinct is, how adaptable they are to strangers or how strong their pray drive is. These are all individual differences based not only on genes but also on the growing environment and stimuli. When weighing up the questions between males and females it is very difficult to give absolute answers.

However, in general, boerboel males tend to be more territorial and are more likely to report suspicious things than
females. Males are more direct and obey their handler more capriciously than a female boerboel influenced by
hormonal cycles, provided the relationship with the handler is respectful and trusting.
Males often need a little more space and breed-specific activity to remain balanced.
Males mature a little slower, they are generally more playful and have a better sense of humour than females. Working is based on play and treats for a longer period of time.

Females may be easier to control in general, due to their smaller size but also their generally lower
dominance. In addition, bitches mature faster and are more serious and have a better work ethic earlier than males.
In addition, females may be more capricious and question you and things more often than males (and again,
compared to a male whose relationship with his owner is respectful and trusting).

However, it’s worth remembering that the comparison between the genders is only based on the general level
and perceived experience.

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